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This wiki is a repository for members of the U.S. Congress, other policy makers, academics, investors, the media and the general public to understand the challenges facing Puerto Rico in 2016 and to provide data and information to begin crafting long term sustainable solutions. Click here to view

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Puerto Rico's federal oversight board said on Wednesday that it was willing to extend key deadlines that would give the debt-laden U.S. territory's government more time to negotiate restructuring deals with holders of its roughly $70 billion in bonds, Reuters reported.

The secretaries of the U.S. Treasury and Health and Human Services called for fast congressional action to help Puerto Rico out of its economic mess, and said a bipartisan task force report failed to go far enough on recommending a low-income tax credit for the commonwealth, Reuters reported yesterday. In a letter to U.S.

Puerto Rico’s general obligation bonds — a debt instrument of the local government — have been trading up by a couple of percentage points, to about 67 cents on the dollar, according to a commentary in the Financial Times on Saturday.

The hedge funds and insurance companies that want financially strapped Puerto Rico to pay them back in full may have found a new ally: Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, reported.