A Practical Guide to Bankruptcy Valuation

534 pages
Published by ABI
Author (s) 
Dr. Israel Shaked
Robert F. Reilly

A Practical Guide to Bankruptcy Valuation helps both practitioners and students navigate the complex task of valuing a bankrupt or other financially distressed business, and provides practical guidance on the selection and application of valuation approaches, methods and procedures. Partially drawn from articles that have appeared in the ABI Journal, the book contains a wealth of information on how solvency and capital-adequacy analyses, creditor-protection issues, debtor-in-possession financing, fraudulent conveyance and preference claims, restructuring of debtor securities, sale of bankruptcy estate assets, plans of reorganization, staffing costs, bankruptcy taxation issues and fresh-start accounting issues, among others, are factored into properly valuing a bankrupt company. Interspersed with helpful charts and hypothetical examples (some based on real cases), the book describes the generally accepted approaches for valuing the assets and securities of a financially troubled business. The text also provides professional guidance to troubled-company managers, debt-holders and other creditors, equityholders and investors, bankruptcy counsel, juridical finders of fact and other parties to a bankruptcy proceeding, including those called upon to be expert witnesses in bankruptcy cases. Based on the authors’ combined 75 years of experience in the valuation field, A Practical Guide to Bankruptcy Valuation lays a solid foundation for those seeking a better understanding of valuation within the bankruptcy context.


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