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Litigation: Expert Cross- Examination Stratego!

Challenging an expert witness requires more than just wondering what questions to ask on cross-examination. Is the expert witness even an expert in the right subject matter? Should the expert be deposed before trial and challenged before he or she takes the stand, or would cross-examination without giving the expert the clues that come with deposition questions present the best opportunity to defuse the weight of the expert’s opinion? How can the trial lawyer prepare for cross-examination of an expert and contain the damage done on direct examination of the expert? What are the essential attributes of strong cross-examination, and how should the trial lawyer deliver the most effective and forceful cross? What are the most effective cross-examination strategies for impugning and impeaching an expert’s opinion? This panel discusses the legal, strategic and practical considerations that arise in preparing and delivering effective cross-examination, followed by experienced trial lawyers demonstrating techniques for effective containment and impeachment of expert opinion and testimony — with an experienced judge letting them know in real time whether they succeeded.

24th Annual Northeast Conference
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