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Loans-to-Own: How Do You Do It? Should You Do It?

The strategy of providing funding to troubled companies or purchasing existing secured debt at a discount in order to obtain ownership (so-called “loans-to-own”) continues to inspire controversy and litigation even as its use by debt financiers and other investors has become more commonplace. This panel explores the practical considerations, business risks and legal issues associated with loans-to-own, both inside and outside of bankruptcy. Discussion on transactions outside of bankruptcy will include the scope of due diligence, intercreditor issues, insider participation, “bankruptcy-proofing,” and the risks and benefits of a “friendly foreclosure.” Discussion on transactions inside of bankruptcy will include using DIP financing to achieve ownership, potential limits on credit bidding, the impact of including or excluding insiders from the post-closing company, and risks presented by remedies such as equitable subordination and involuntary debt recharacterization.

24th Annual Northeast Conference
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