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Automatic Stay

New York Judge Takes Different Approach to Repeat-Filer Automatic Stay Termination

Using a different approach, Judge Grossman agrees with the minority on Section 362(c)(3)(A).

False Claims Suits by Governments Are Not Halted by Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy court held to lack exclusive jurisdiction over exceptions to the automatic stay.

Ninth Circuit Prohibition on Third-Party Injunctions Is Inapplicable in Chapter 9

Third-party injunctions in chapter 9 must be a financial necessity, judge says.

Georgia Courts Disagree on Redeeming Pawn Property in a Chapter 13 Plan

Bankruptcy court disregards district court opinion on redemption of pawned property.

Florida Judge Plunges into the Split on Enforcing Arbitration Agreements

Debtor must arbitrate a violation of the discharge injunction.

Circuit Split Widens on Stay Violation for Failure to Turn Over Repossessed Collateral

Tenth Circuit joins the minority by holding that passive retention of collateral is no stay violation.

Suit for Injunction Held Not to Violate PROMESA, Puerto Rico’s Workout Statute

Automatic stay not violated without an attempt to collect a claim, Puerto Rico Judge holds.

Debtor Still Protected by Automatic Stay Even after Right of Redemption Terminates

Ninth Circuit’s Tracht Gut opinion limited to its facts by the BAP.

Appeals Brewing on Breadth of the Barton Doctrine in the Second Circuit

Will the Second Circuit follow the Ninth with a broad reading of Barton v. Barbour?