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Puerto Rico in Distress

Most Recent Bankruptcy Case Docket Information for Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (17-03283)

Objection to Objection of the Financial Oversight and Management Board to Motion of PBA Funds for the Payment of Rent Related document:2501 MOTION for Payment of Rent filed by PBA Funds filed by HERMANN D BAUER ALVAREZ on behalf of COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO [BAUER ALVAREZ, HERMANN] (Entered: 02/24/2018)


Objection to Motion for an Order to Permit the Processing through Resolution of Employment Arbitration and Grievance Proceedings Related document:2245 MOTION Request for Order Permiting Resolution of Employee Arbitration and Grievances Proceedings filed by AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES (AFSCME), American Federation of Teachers as Agent of Asociacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico Local Sindical filed by PETER FRIEDMAN on behalf of PUERTO RICO FISCAL AGENCY AND FINANCIAL ADVISORY AUTHORITY [FRIEDMAN, PETER] (Entered: 02/23/2018)


Certificate of service Related document:2559 Urgent motion Seeking Extension of Deadlines to (I) Respond to Debtors Third 365(d)(4) Extension Motion, and (II) Reply in Support of Debtors Third 365(d)(4) Extension Motion. Re: 2494 Notice of Motion filed by HERMANN D BAUER ALVAREZ on behalf of CO filed by COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO, PUERTO RICO ELECTRIC POWER AUTHORITY, PUERTO RICO SALES TAX FINANCING CORPORATION (COFINA), THE EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO, PUERTO RICO HIGHWAYS AND TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY, 2561 MOTION Second Omnibus Motion for Approvals of Stipulation Modifying the Automatic Stay filed by COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO filed by Adam M. Adler on behalf of Prime Clerk, LLC


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