Puerto Rico in Distress

ABI Analysis

The judge overseeing Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy said confirmation hearings set for November on the territory’s debt restructuring plan will remain in place, even after the island’s Senate last week failed to pass a key piece of legislation needed to finalize the plan, WSJ Pro Bankruptcy reported. Judge Laura Taylor Swain at a virtual hearing yesterday in the U.S.

The judge overseeing Puerto Rico’s record bankruptcy ordered Governor Pedro Pierluisi, the island’s political leaders and its financial oversight board to participate in a conference call on Monday after lawmakers failed to enact legislation to restructure the commonwealth’s debt, Bloomberg News reported.

Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives approved a bill yesterday that allows the commonwealth to issue new bonds to replace existing debt and cut its obligations, a key step that moves the island closer to resolving its record bankruptcy, Bloomberg News reported.

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board agreed to remove proposed public employee pension cuts from a plan to slash the island’s debt, a major concession aimed at securing lawmakers’ approval for a bond restructuring that will put an end to its more than four-year bankruptcy, Bloomberg News reported.