Bankruptcy Litigation Manual: What Civil Litigators Need

Bankruptcy Litigation Manual: What Civil Litigators Need

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Charles A. Beckham Jr.
Deborah D. Williamson

Written by Deborah Williamson, Charles Beckham Jr. and R. Scott Williams, the Manual provides the basic framework of bankruptcy litigation and is of particular use to civil litigators and other attorneys who do not have extensive experience in bankruptcy litigation. It can also serve as a quick reference tool for the more experienced bankruptcy attorney. The Manual provides a broad overview of bankruptcy; discusses the establishment of a claim in a bankruptcy case; highlights the effects of the bankruptcy petition, including retention of counsel and the automatic stay; outlines the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court; explores procedural considerations such as removal, remand and abstention; addresses discharge and dischargeability of debts; and highlights issues related to settlements. Recognizing the lack of uniformity in the courts and the concurrent jurisdiction that exists in many areas of the state and bankruptcy courts, this Manual is heavily annotated. Softbound, 100 pages.

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