Handbook on Second Lien Loans & Intercreditor Agreements

Handbook on Second Lien Loans & Intercreditor Agreements

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Jo Ann J. Brighton
Mark N. Berman

Second lien financing has become more prevalent in recent years. This handbook, written by Mark N. Berman and Jo Ann J. Brighton, describes the typical second lien financing, and distinguishes the features of a second lien financing from alternatives such as mezzanine financing. It examines the development of the second lien financing market over the last decade as influenced by the economic forces at play. The handbook also zeroes in on intercreditor agreements used in second lien financings by providing examples of sample clauses, followed by an analysis of the legal issues presented when parties contemplate the enforceability of those clauses in the context of a borrower bankruptcy proceeding. Reorganization professionals will find this handbook invaluable in providing the best representation to their clients, both debtor and lender. Softbound, 116 pages.

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