Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for the Commercial Reorganization

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for the Commercial Reorganization

American Bankruptcy Institute
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Craig D. Hansen
G. Meyer
Jordan A. Kroop
Sean T. Cork
Stephen D. Lerner
Thomas J. Salerno

Now in its Second Edition, Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for the Commercial Reorganization is a practical guide for executives of any financially distressed company considering chapter 11. In the current environment of a credit crisis and severe economic turmoil, the odds of successfully emerging from a chapter 11 case are not necessarily promising, particularly with poor planning. Proactive advance preparation, analysis and a well-defined exit strategy are essential for any company considering chapter 11. This manual assists the CEO, COO, CFO, general counsel and tax advisor of the financially distressed company in planning for, and playing their respective roles in, the reorganization process. The book guides the executive through every step and takes great care to explain the legal and practical considerations, as well as the consequences of each step. This Second Edition reflects important changes brought about by the Bankruptcy Abuse and Prevention Consumer Protection Act of 2005 and takes into account the current restructuring environment. It is a must-have for attorneys and advisors of a financially-distressed company who need an accessible tool to help explain the chapter 11 process and the importance of pre-bankruptcy planning. Softbound, 118 pages.

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