Maximizing Value in Accounts Receivable Management

Session Description: 
Join our panel of industry experts for an insightful discussion on navigating the complex landscape of accounts receivable (A/R) management. This session aims to provide attendees with comprehensive insights into key considerations, challenges, and innovative strategies within the A/R space. The primary focus of this panel is to explore how organizations can maximize value in their A/R portfolios. Our experts will delve into crucial aspects of A/R management, offering attendees a holistic understanding of risk analysis, portfolio purchasing, liquidation, debt collection, and international recovery. Key Points and Supporting Topics: • Risk Analysis in A/R Portfolios: Understand the methodologies and techniques employed for accurate risk analysis. Explore the impact of customer payment patterns, industry trends, and economic factors on portfolio performance. • Portfolio Purchasing and Liquidation Strategies: Gain insights into successful portfolio management, acquisition, and liquidation. Learn innovative approaches to handling principal investments and overseeing significant assets. • Effective B2B Debt Collection and International Recovery: Discover advanced analytics and modeling strategies for enhancing debt collection processes. Navigate the challenges of international debt recovery with industry-tested expertise. • Comprehensive Approach to Bridging Business and Credit Lenders: Delve into strategies that bridge the gap between businesses and credit lenders. Maximize the value of assets within the A/R space through thoughtful and comprehensive approaches.
Learning Outcomes: 
Attendees will leave this panel discussion equipped with actionable insights, best practices, and a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of A/R management. Whether you are involved in risk assessment, portfolio management, or debt recovery, this session promises to be a valuable resource for professionals seeking to optimize their approach to accounts receivable.
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