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March 30, 2018

Augie/Restivo problems are avoided by including opt-out provisions in a substantive consolidation chapter 11 plan.

March 28, 2018

Bankruptcy Judge Vyskocil holds that alter ego need not be alleged to recover from a corporation’s sole shareholder as the beneficiary of a fraudulent transfer.

March 27, 2018

The trustee for a bankrupt broker can ignore an individual customer’s request to transfer securities to a solvent broker and may instead transfer customer accounts in bulk.

March 22, 2018

Unique facts were again the basis for a result seemingly at odds with the statute.

March 20, 2018

For swaps, the Section 560 safe harbor overrides the anti-ipso facto provisions in the Bankruptcy Code.

March 5, 2018

February 21, 2018

January 24, 2018

Bankruptcy judge finds bad faith for walking out on a fully documented but unsigned settlement.

December 27, 2017

Madoff spawns more law, this time on expert testimony about the good faith defense to a fraudulent transfer with ‘actual intent.’

December 26, 2017

New York judge enforces a French reorganization similar to a U.S. prepack.

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