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Bankruptcy Litigation

This panel presents a fraudulent transfer update and discussion regarding the split over § 546(e) safe harbors (Physiotherapy, Tribune, Madoff, Meritt Management), 10-year reach-back periods (Kipnis), the reinstatement of unsecured creditors’ intentional fraudulent conveyance claims and the ruling that the intent of the CEO can be imputed to the company (Lyondell), the finding that substantive consolidation does not augment the trustee’s § 544(b) avoiding powers by allowing the trustee to rely on predicate creditors from another estate (Petters), and the ruling that access to a credit line rebuts unreasonably small capital claims (SemCrude). The session also features an update on the Trust Indenture Act, including discussion of the recent Second Circuit decision in Chesapeake Energy and its implications regarding the finality of bankruptcy court orders, and an update on the litigation of feasibility issues (Paragon).

New York City Bankruptcy Conference 2017
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