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Chapter 11 Basics for Debtors’ Attorneys

Many consumer bankruptcy lawyers now find themselves filing chapter 11 petitions for individuals and small businesses, but chapter 11 cases are different than chapter 13 cases. This session focuses on the basics of filing and handling a chapter 11 case, including who is eligible to file a chapter 11 petition, the reasons to file chapter 11 rather than chapter 7 or 13, the ongoing reporting responsibilities of a debtor in possession, what goes into the preparation of a plan of reorganization and disclosure statement, how a chapter 11 plan differs from a chapter 13 plan, how the process of balloting on the plan of reorganization works, the requirements that must be met to confirm a plan of reorganization, and the time frames that govern the handling of chapter 11 cases.

Hon. Steven W. Rhodes Consumer Bankruptcy Conference 2017
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