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Managing Management and Employment/Labor Issues in Bankruptcy

This session examines three issues: (1) the role of management in § 363 sales (how to make sure that management plays the role of neutral stakeholder throughout the plan and/or § 363 process; what actions management might tend to take when it favors a particular bidder in the process; what happens when management wants to participate in the § 363 process); (2) managing management’s interests, including participation in the bankruptcy process (how to address management’s sometimes parochial concerns and keep them from adversely impacting the bankruptcy; the interplay between management’s desires and the desires of the fulcrum class as new owners post-restructuring; issues around management compensation (e.g., employment contracts, incentive plans, severance policies), including the assumption or rejection of existing contracts, plans or policies and/or the implementation of new ones and U.S. Trustee objections; who represents management and when management should look to cut its own deal); and (3) labor issues (issues around benefit plans; whether § 1113 is the only way to eliminate a successor clause (A&P); whether § 1113 is an option if the collective bargaining agreement expires or is expired (Hostess, Trump, Journal Register); whether the union has a claim for damages if rejection relief under § 1113 is granted).

New York City Bankruptcy Conference 2019
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