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New ABI Publication Provides In-Depth Analysis of Issues Surrounding Secured Creditor Claims in Bankruptcy

Alexandria, Va. — The American Bankruptcy Institute's How Secure Are You? Secured Creditors in Commercial and Consumer Bankruptcies provides practitioners with in-depth analysis of the most common concerns in secured claims disputes, including citation to important case law. Written by members of ABI’s Secured Credit Committee, How Secure Are You? is an indispensable guide for anyone whose work involves secured creditor claims.


The Bankruptcy Code ensures that while a secured creditor’s rights are preserved and given first payment priority, those rights are only protected to the extent the claim does not exceed the value of the collateral subject to the secured creditor’s lien. But that core principle encompasses a host of other complications in a bankruptcy proceeding, including such complex matters as valuation, whether a lien is voluntary or involuntary, and even the very definition of a secured claim. How Secure Are You? examines those issues and provides expert analysis for both consumer and business bankruptcy cases.



How Secure Are You? Secured Creditors in Commercial and Consumer Bankruptcies is currently available for purchase in the ABI Bookstore. Members of the press looking to preview the book or to arrange an interview with the authors should contact ABI Public Affairs Manager John Hartgen at 703-894-5935 or


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