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Podcast Features Scholars Rethinking the Goverments Muscular Role in Chryslers Bankruptcy

Podcast Features Scholars Rethinking the Government’s Muscular Role in Chrysler’s Bankruptcy

Issue:  The Federal government has assumed an unprecedented role in engineering the Chrysler bankruptcy, altering the usual bargaining process and upsetting traditional procedures in chapter 11. Listen to a podcast featuring bankruptcy scholars examining the government’s role in Chrysler and what it suggests about the coming GM bankruptcy.

What:  The podcast is available for free with a total run time of 42 minutes. To listen or download the podcast, please visit

Who:   Speakers on the podcast include:

  • Prof. Mark Roe of Harvard Law School
  • Prof. David Skeel of the University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Prof. Todd Zywicki of the George Mason University School of Law

Moderator:  Sam Gerdano, ABI Executive Director


The Chrysler bankruptcy has many experts asking questions about the manner in which the federal government has inserted itself into the chapter 11 process. Is the government’s taxpayer-financed plan little more than a sham sale, and/or a violation of the Code’s absolute priority rule? Should the government have the power to pick the winners and losers among the stakeholders in the bankruptcy cases? Did it have to engineer the process this way because of the special circumstances of the industry and the crisis presented? And what is the future effect on lenders who now must weigh new potential risks of their investments?

Listen to a panel of bankruptcy scholars answering these questions about the government’s role in Chrysler and what it suggests about the coming GM bankruptcy. Visit to listen or download the podcast.

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