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ABI Health Care Conference Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Health Care Fraud, Restructuring Trends and Disruption and Other Key Issues

Commercial Chapter 11 Filings Decrease 50 Percent in August from Last Year, Total Filings Down 18 Percent

Economic Legacy of COVID-19, Fraudulent Transfers and More to Be Discussed at ABI's 2021 Virtual Midwestern Bankruptcy Institute Program Sept. 30-Oct. 1

Changing Real Estate Landscape, Small Business Reorganization and Great Debates Among Featured Sessions at ABI's "Bankruptcy 2021: Views from the Bench" Program on Sept. 24

July Commercial Chapter 11s Down 62 Percent from Last Year, Total Filings Decrease 24 Percent

COVID-19 Issues Including Employment Issues in Bankruptcy, Repurposing or Reimagining Distressed Real Estate and Eight Predictions for a Brave New Bankruptcy World Among the Discussions Set for ABI's 2021 Southwest Bankruptcy Conference Aug. 25-27

ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy Provides Written Statement for Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Student Loan Bankruptcy Reform

Current Economics and Continuing Effects of COVID-19, Disparate Treatment of People of Color in Bankruptcy, Subchapter V and More to be Discussed at ABI's 2021 Virtual Midwest Regional Bankruptcy Seminar Aug. 19-20

Emerging SPAC Trends, Impact of the Pandemic on Brick-and-Mortar, Increasing Use of Ch. 11 to Resolve Sexual Abuse Scandals and More to Be Discussed at ABI's 2021 Mid-Atlantic Virtual Bankruptcy Workshop Aug. 5-6

Post-Pandemic Debt Zombies, Subchapter V Demystified and Wellness Issues Facing Insolvency Professionals Among the Issues to be Discussed at ABI's Northeast Virtual Bankruptcy Conference and Consumer Forum July 13-15