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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Bankruptcy Opinions

Senate Approves COVID-19 Stimulus Package That Will Increase SBRA Chapter 11 Debt Limit to $7,500,000

Last night we blogged about the $2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill that proposes to increase the SBRA small business debt limit in Subchapter V Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases from approximately $2.7 million to $7.5 million, at least for the next year. The Senate approved the legislation late last night, 96-0, and it’s now headed to the House and, ultimately, to the President. Unfortunately, our email feeder didn’t pick it up, hence this post for our email subscribers.

North Carolina Bankruptcy Judge Kahn Holds that Pre-SBRA Debtors May Elect to Have Subchapter V Apply

Last Sunday afternoon, we blogged about Judge Scott Clarkson’s late Friday opinion in In re Progressive Solutions, Inc. (Bankr. C.D.

California Bankruptcy Judge Clarkson Suggests that Pre-SBRA Debtors May Opt-Into Subchapter V


The First Subchapter V Small Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case (Updated)


The First Subchapter V Small Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case


Happy New Year: The Best of 2015-2019

The Houston Astros in October: Bankruptcy Edition

Supreme Court Adopts Objective Standard for Bankruptcy Discharge Violations

What better way to wake Plan Proponent from a seven (!) month slumber than a minor Supreme Court opinion? Monday’s Taggart v. Lorenzen decision is not a confirmation opinion, but we’ve always tried to cover the Court’s bankruptcy decisions.

Bankruptcy Attorney Rule 9011 Sanctions – Halloween Edition