52 - Conversation with Profs. Amir Sufi and Paul M. Vaaler

The latest podcast features two of the speakers who will be featured at the upcoming Interdisciplinary Academic Symposium on Debt as ABI Executive Director Samuel J. Gerdano talks with Profs. Amir Sufi of the University of Chicago and Paul M. Vaaler of the University of Minnesota. Sponsored by ABI and the University of Illinois, the Symposium taking place May 2-3 will feature leading U.S. and international scholars talking about debt from a wide range of academic disciplines. Prof. Vaaler's presentation focuses on how and why credit assessors get it wrong when judging the risk of borrowers, while Prof. Sufi attributes the mortgage default crisis in large part to the degree of separation between borrower and lender via the securitization process.

Podcast Date: 
Thursday, April 24, 2008