Experts Examine Why Chapter 7 Is Less Accessible for Low-Income Debtors, Potential Solutions - Ep. 226

Elaborating on their ABI Journal article "Too Broke for a Fresh Start" about chapter 7 being too expensive for those in need, Bankruptcy Judge Henry Callaway (S.D. Ala.; Mobile) and Jonathan Petts of Upsolve (New York) talk with former ABI Resident Scholar Prof. Drew Dawson of the University of Miami School of Law about why chapter 7 is out of reach for those in need. They also discuss potential technological, policy and administrative solutions that could help make chapter 7 more accessible to low-income debtors.

Click here to read their article "Too Broke for a Fresh Start" from the February 2019 ABI Journal.

Podcast Date: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2019