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10th Circuit

Important Tenth Circuit Concurring Opinion Expounds on ‘Prudential’ Standing

A creditor’s factual allegations in bankruptcy court must be taken as true on appeal to establish ‘prudential standing.’

Tenth Circuit Imports Section 363(m) to Nonbankruptcy Appeals

Tenth Circuit avoids deciding whether equitable mootness applies outside of bankruptcy.

Courts Are Split on Breach of Contract Resulting in Nondischargeability

In some circuits, never intending to repay a loan can result in nondischargeability under Section 523(a)(6).

An Interest in Property as JTWROS Drops Out of the Estate on Death of the Debtor

JTWROS ownership confers benefits and disadvantages in bankruptcy, too.

Gift Cards Can’t Be Exempt Because They’re the Same as Nonexempt Cash

Pre-bankruptcy planning was ‘creative’ but didn’t succeed in enlarging the debtor’s exemptions.

Divorcing While Bankrupt Lays Traps for the Unwary

Matrimonial lawyers need bankruptcy and tax advice when the client is insolvent.

Advice of Counsel Must Be Given in Advance to Constitute a Defense, Circuit Says

Tenth Circuit lays out the elements of denial of discharge for failure to obey an order.

Equity Can’t Bar a Chapter 13 Discharge After the Debtor Makes All Plan Payments

The bankruptcy court is no longer a court of equity; here’s another example.

Tenth Circuit Opinion Can Be the Springboard for a ‘Cert’ on the Automatic Stay

Circuit split is widening on whether inaction can be a violation of the automatic stay.

Educational Loans from a Private Lender Are Held Dischargeable

Courts are split on whether all educational loans are nondischargeable as an educational benefit.