10th Circuit

Defamation and IIED Claims Are Not ‘Personal Injury Torts’

Section 157(b)(5) does not bar the bankruptcy court from trying defamation and IIED claims, Judge Thuma says, siding with Judge Bernstein.

Discharging Student Loans Puts Bankruptcy Judges in Untenable Positions

Bankruptcy judges are required to predict the unknown and the unknowable when deciding how much debtors can repay in student loans.

Water Rights Are a Property Interest that Can’t Be Sold Free and Clear of Disputes

Disputes over water rights aren’t the sort of property interest that can attach to proceeds in a sale ‘free and clear’ under Section 363(f).

Tenth Circuit: Debtors Retain Appreciation in a Home Sold Before Conversion to ‘7’

The Tenth Circuit left an unanswered question: Do debtors retain post-filing appreciation in a home that is not sold before the case converts from chapter 13 to chapter 7?

Majority of Courts Use Confirmation Date to Value a Lender’s Collateral in Cramdown

Courts are split when it comes to deciding whether the confirmation date or the filing date should be used to value a secured lender’s collateral in cramdown.

On a Split, District Judge Doesn’t Pay ‘13’ Trustee if Dismissal Precedes Confirmation

District judge in Colorado sides with the majority and doesn’t allow a chapter 13 trustee to be paid if dismissal occurs before plan confirmation.

Judge Tells ‘13’ Debtors’ Counsel How to Write their Retention Agreements

Judge Jacobvitz told counsel for chapter 13 debtors how to write their engagement agreements to ensure being paid from funds held by the trustee if the case converts to chapter 7 before confirmation.

Debtors May Wind Up Operations in Chapter 12 and Farm Through LLCs

Judge Somers wrote two opinions on debtors’ eligibility to reorganize in chapter 12.

Priest Lacked Standing to Raise a Claim Objection to Clear His Name of Sexual Abuse

Standing has three components: statutory standing, constitutional standing and prudential standing, Judge Thuma explains.

Barton Didn’t Stop Creditors from Garnishing a Chapter 13 Trustee After Dismissal

The debtor’s bad faith chapter 13 filings convinced Judge Hall to allow garnishment of funds held by the trustee after dismissal.