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11th Circuit

Dismissing a Bankruptcy Won’t Fend Off Invocation of Judicial Estoppel

Eleventh Circuit holds that dismissing bankruptcy comes too late if claims weren’t disclosed.

Reversing a Grant of Summary Judgment May or May Not Be a Final Order, Circuit Says

Eleventh Circuit explains when a final order may not remain a final order.

Payments Under the NFL’s Brain Injury Settlement Are Exempt, Florida Judge Rules

Compensation for brain injury is a disability payment, not payment on a tort claim.

Assuming a Lease Under Section 365(p) Doesn’t Also Require Reaffirmation, Some Say

Courts are split on the interpretation of BAPCPA’s treatment of automatically rejected leases in chapter 7.

Stabbing Victim Gets No Sympathy for His Lawyer’s Mistake

Sympathy for a client won’t make up for counsel’s mistake.

Like the Second Circuit, Florida Judge Bars Arbitrating a Class Suit for Discharge Violations

Supreme Court’s subsequent Epic decision casts doubt on opinions overriding arbitration agreements in the bankruptcy context.

Courts Disagree on When a ‘Med-Mal’ Claim Becomes Estate Property

District and bankruptcy courts reach diametrically different results on identical facts regarding the same defective medical device.

‘Exhaustion’ Required Before Nailing the IRS for Discharge Violation Damages

‘Exhaustion’ is not required before compelling the IRS to return funds taken in violation of discharge.

Debtors Beware: Disputing Facts Without a Sound Basis Can Have Tragic Results

Testimony that’s not credible can be a ‘false oath’ leading to a denial of discharge.

Circuit Says Bankruptcy Lawyers Can’t Advise Clients to Pay by Credit Card

Milavetz invalid-purpose test isn’t applicable to incurring debt to pay a retainer.