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11th Circuit

District Courts Collide Head-On over Maritime Liens for ‘Necessaries’

Circuit split over maritime liens appears headed for the Supreme Court.

Georgia Court Differs with Circuit Opinions on PBGC Claim Calculation

Court says circuit opinions on PBGC claims before Supreme Court’s Raleigh opinion are no longer good law.

Paying Fees from Retainers Doesn’t Require Adequate Protection for Lenders

Judge Erik Kimball explains why retainers are free of lenders’ liens.

Judge Bonapfel Sides with Fifth Circuit on ‘Equivalent Value’ in Ponzi Schemes

Innocent suppliers to Ponzi schemes are given protection from fraudulent transfer claims.

Direct Circuit Review Isn’t Possible from Proposed Findings and Conclusions

A Stern-infected decision can’t be appealed directly to a court of appeals, the Eleventh Circuit says.

Missing One Briefing Deadline Doesn’t Justify Dismissing an Appeal

Consistent, dilatory conduct required for dismissing an appeal, circuit says.

Unresolved Attorneys’ Fees Do Not Affect ‘Finality,’ Eleventh Circuit Holds

Fee issues are collateral, not affecting a final ruling on the merits.

Judge Reverses Course and Allows Reclassification of Deficiency Claim

Chapter 13 debtor permitted to surrender collateral and reclassify deficiency as unsecured.

Mishandling Collateral Gives Rise to Nondischargeable Debt, Eleventh Circuit Holds

Mishandling collateral is nondischargeable even if the security interest is unperfected.

District Courts Lack Jurisdiction to Enforce Discharge Injunctions

Eleventh Circuit judicially creates exclusive jurisdiction in the bankruptcy courts.