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11th Circuit

Calculation of Punitive Damages Did Not Consider Amount of Attorneys’ Fees

$50,000 in punitive damages held excessive when actual damages were $1,500.

Using Untrained Personnel Is No Defense Against Willful Stay Violation

Simple mistake mushrooms into $50,000 in punitive damages for stay violation.

Ability to Pay Debts Does Not Control on Section 707(a) Motions to Dismiss

Evading payment of a debt is a valid use of chapter 7, Florida judge rules.

An Allowed Claim Doesn’t Bar an FDCPA Suit from Attacking the Same Debt

Georgia district judge confronts creditors who file claims based on stale debts.

Eleventh Circuit Requires Punctilious Proof to Enforce Arbitration Agreement

Circuit court rules on grounds less favorable for the debtor than the district judge’s.

Circuits Now Split on Bankruptcy Jurisdiction over Medicare Disputes

Eleventh Circuit allows the government on its own to shut down a health care provider in chapter 11.

Careful Timing Lets Chapter 13 Debtors Retain Personal Injury Settlements

Bankruptcy judge interprets ‘cause’ under Section 1329(c) as being debtor-centric.

Qui Tam Suits Are Exceptions from the Automatic Stay

Automatic stay is no safe harbor from suits under the False Claims Act.

Eleventh Circuit Rules Against Debt Collectors, Deepening Split of Circuits on the FDCPA

Appeals court finds no ‘irreconcilable conflict’ between the FDCPA and the Bankruptcy Code.

Union Pension Plan Lacks Standing to Appeal Rejection of Labor Contract

Labor loses another appeal in the onslaught of energy bankruptcies.