3rd Circuit

Equitable Tolling Cannot Extend the Deadline for a Dischargeability Objection

The Third Circuit lauded Bankruptcy Judge Craig Goldblatt for a ‘well-reasoned’ opinion correctly interpreting Supreme Court authority.

Judge Kathryn Ferguson Evokes Bob Dylan with Regard to Changing Rules on Setoff

Times are a-changin’ when it comes to setoff against exempt assets.

Debtor’s Counsel Later Can Become Adverse to the Plan’s Liquidating Trust

Bankruptcy Judge Shannon says that the liquidating trust was not debtor’s counsel’s former client.

Disagreement on Bankruptcy Court’s Jurisdiction to Give ‘Innocent Spouse’ Relief

Bankruptcy Judges Marvin Isgur and Gregory Taddonio disagree on whether the bankruptcy court has subject matter jurisdiction to grant ‘innocent spouse’ relief to a debtor.

Ultimate Success of the J&J Subsidiary’s Second ‘Talc’ Bankruptcy Is Up in the Air

The bankruptcy judge only gave nondebtor J&J companies a more limited stay in the second LTL chapter 11 case.

Claim Isn’t Disallowed if the ‘Statute’ Lapses After the Claim Is Filed

Judge Goldblatt of Delaware wrote an opinion where the answer was self-evident but there was no authority on point.

Delaware Judge Explores the Theories Behind ‘Opt-In’ and ‘Opt-Out’ Chapter 11 Plans

Peculiar circumstance compelled a Delaware judge to depart from his usual approval of ‘opt-out’ plans that grant non-debtor releases.

Delaware and New York District Courts Split on Permissibility of Non-Debtor Releases

Upholding confirmation of the Boy Scouts’ chapter 11 plan, the district judge in Delaware disagreed with his counterpart in New York who found no statutory power to impose non-consensual, non-debtor third-party releases.

A Receiver May File a Chapter 9 Petition over City Officials’ Objections

The requirement in chapter 9 to negotiate in good faith before filing is satisfied if the parties are ‘simply too far apart,’ says Bankruptcy Judge Chan.

Dismissal Isn’t Mandatory if a New Filing Is Within 180 Days of a Voluntary Dismissal

Courts are split on whether Section 109(g)(2) mandates dismissal whenever an individual or family farmer refiles within 180 days, regardless of whether a lift-stay motion prompted dismissal of the first case.