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4th Circuit

Fourth Circuit Follows Pre-Code Law Despite Contrary Legislative History

A bank deposit is only a substitution, not a transfer of property, circuit holds.

Litigation Funding Could Be Champertous in Some States

Financing litigation is champertous if the lender exercises control.

Typical Fannie/Freddie Mortgages Can’t Be Crammed Down, Fourth Circuit Says

Escrows and miscellaneous proceeds held to be real property, not additional collateral.

On the Means Test, Fourth Circuit Allows Chapter 7 Debtors the Best of Both Worlds

Deadlines for direct appeal to the circuit are procedural, not jurisdictional.

Disclaimer Saves Debt Collector from Violating the FDCPA in the Fourth Circuit

An admitted attempt to collect a debt rendered informational only by a disclaimer.

Section 106 Waivers of Sovereign Immunity May Be Unconstitutional Sometimes

Patriot Coal decision analyzes Supreme Court authorities on sovereign immunity.

Government’s Common Law Fraud Suit Excepted from Automatic Stay

Automatic stay nonetheless may preclude collecting judgment from estate property.

Disability-Care Payments Are Excluded from Calculation of ‘Disposable Income’

Government payments to care for disabled adults go to parents, not creditors, judge rules.

Pro Se Debtors Entitled to Different Notice Before Sua Sponte Dismissal

Pro se debtors must be told explicitly of the right to request a hearing.

Circuit Split Deepens on Stale Claims as Violations of the FDCPA

Vigorous dissents in the Seventh and Fourth Circuits accentuate splits on the FDCPA.