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5th Circuit

Class Proofs of Claim Allowed When the Bar Notice Drew Few Individual Claims

Constitutionally sufficient notice of a bar date may not preclude the use of a class proof of claim under Bankruptcy Rule 7023, Judge Hale says.

Fifth Amendment Can Be an Almost Complete Bar to a Rule 2004 Production

Required records and authenticated documents already known to exist are not protected from production by the privilege against self-incrimination.

Insurance Proceeds Are Estate Property, Sometimes

Claims exceeding policy limits convert insurance proceeds into estate property, Fifth Circuit holds.

Valuation of a Retained Mobile Home Does Not Include Delivery and Setup Costs

Fifth Circuit notches a victory for chapter 13 debtors retaining mobile homes.

Property that Lost Exempt Status Goes to the Chapter 13 Debtor on Voluntary Dismissal

Fifth Circuit Draws on Harris v. Viegelahn to revest all property in the chapter 13 debtor on dismissal.

Specific Request Required for ‘Admin’ Claim after Contract Rejection

A creditor’s expenses in removing its equipment after contract rejection is not entitled to administrative status.

Heightened Pleading Requirements Kick In on Nondischargeability for Fraud, Circuit Says

Merely pleading a false statement under oath won’t beat a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim, Fifth Circuit says.

Belatedly Purchasing a Claim Won’t Confer Appellate Standing, Circuit Rules

Newly appointed Circuit Judge Willett has a way with words.

Three Circuits Now Agree: Fuel Subcontractors Don’t Have Maritime Liens

Fifth Circuit goes along with the Second and Eleventh by holding that supplying “necessaries” isn’t enough to justify a maritime lien.