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5th Circuit

Fifth Circuit Adopts Flexible Timing for Section 1111(b) Cramdown Valuation

Fifth Circuit refuses to adopt chapter 13 valuation timing to chapter 11 cramdowns.

State Law, Not Filing Date, Governs Distributions to Co-Owners, Fifth Circuit Says

The distributive share to co-owners is not fixed as of the filing date under Section 363(j).

Fifth Circuit Expands Hawk to Permit Sale of a Home After a Chapter 7 Filing

Selling a home after filing chapter 7 does not destroy the homestead exemption.

Interim Fee Awards in Chapter 13 Are OK Before Conversion

District judge changes local practice in the bankruptcy court on interim awards in chapter 13.

Failing to Purchase Health Insurance Won’t Result in a Priority Tax Claim

The exaction for failure to purchase health insurance under the ACA is a tax for constitutional purposes but not a tax under the Bankruptcy Code, New Orleans judge rules.

Rejecting a Contract Precludes a Suit for Post-Petition Breach

Opinion ostensibly leaves a debtor without recourse for a supplier’s post-petition breach occurring before rejection.

Fifth Circuit Holds that Chapter 7 Trustees Presumptively Get Statutory Commissions

In the Fifth Circuit, chapter 7 trustees lock in higher compensation.

The Validity of a ‘Golden Share’ to Bar a Filing Goes to the Fifth Circuit

The Fifth Circuit is being asked to decide whether loan structuring can prevent a borrower from filing bankruptcy.

Pursuing an Untimely Appeal Is Frivolous and Warrants Sanctions in the Fifth Circuit

Losing its patience with late-filed appeals, the Fifth Circuit is close to making significant sanctions automatic.

Even ‘False’ Debts Are Discharged

Student loan lender’s argument was ‘preposterous,’ judge says.