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6th Circuit

Sixth Circuit Opinion Shows the Importance of the Upcoming Obduskey Decision

If the Supreme Court decides that the FDCPA applies to nonjudicial foreclosure, a letter from a homeowner disputing the debt will automatically halt foreclosure activities.

Sixth Circuit Enforces a ‘Carveout’ for Professionals after Conversion to Chapter 7

The appeals court barred the secured lenders from renegotiating a carveout when a chapter 11 reorganization failed.

Wildcard Exemption Covered a Prepetition Malpractice Claim

Judge Dales explains how Section 522(g) does not limit, but rather expands, a debtor’s exemptions.

Circuit Upholds $257,000 in Sanctions for Failure to Disclose a Claim Assignment

A lawyer was personally assessed $257,000 in sanctions for failure to disclose that his client had sold its $14 million claim.

Denial of Motion to Dismiss Chapter 13 Is Not Appealable, BAP Says

Bullard and Ritzen combine to constrict the right of appeal in the Sixth Circuit.

Courts Hopelessly Split on Modifying Mortgages on Mixed-Use Residential Properties

Judge Buchanan collects authorities on all sides of two questions befuddling courts everywhere.

Sixth Circuit Pronounces a Two-Prong Test to Determine ‘Finality’

Appeals court insinuates that denial of a lift-stay motion without prejudice is not appealable.

Functionally Illiterate, Disabled Debtor Succeeds in Discharging Student Loans

Why must the system require a trial to discharge student loans by a debtor in hopeless circumstances?

Sixth Circuit Panel Splits on the Attributes of a ‘Governmental Unit’

Sixth Circuit narrowly rules that a community health service is not a governmental unit and is thus eligible for chapter 11.

Sixth Circuit Expounds on a Loophole in the Rooker-Feldman Doctrine

Bankruptcy court may overrule a state court that rules incorrectly on the discharge of a debt.