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6th Circuit

Insurance Policy Excluding Coverage for Causing Bankruptcy Is Unenforceable

A ‘runoff’ policy purchased after filing is a continuation of a pre-bankruptcy policy, district judge says.

Michigan Court Allows Curing a Chapter 13 Payment Default After Five Years

Some lower courts don’t allow chapter 13 plan payments after five years, but two circuits do.

FDCPA Plaintiffs Aren’t Required to Plead the Debt Collector’s Knowledge of Bankruptcy

A debtor collector’s knowledge or intent aren’t elements of a claim under the FDCPA.

Sixth Circuit Muses on Whether ‘Prudential Standing’ Applies in Bankruptcy

New judge on the Sixth Circuit raises a host of questions about the requisites of standing in bankruptcy court.

A Cash Collateral Carveout Doesn’t Automatically Make a Bank Liable for Fees

Bankruptcy Judge Lloyd limits a recent Sixth Circuit opinion to its facts in holding that a bank was not liable to pay professional fees from a cash collateral carveout.

Is the ‘Accrual Test’ for the Existence of a Claim Alive and Well after Grossman’s?

Are there two tests for the existence of a claim, one test for claims against the debtor and another test for claims by the debtor?

‘Deemed Allowed’ Claims Can Be Binding in Subsequent Litigation, Circuit Says

A failure to distinguish between res judicata and collateral estoppel turned out to be costly.

Statute of Limitations Wasn’t Tolled During Bankruptcy, Sixth Circuit Rules

Sanctions weren’t justified for attempting to collect a time-barred tax claim.

Defectively Executed Mortgages Are [Still] Avoidable in Ohio

Sixth Circuit distinguishes between a trustee’s powers as a bona fide purchaser compared to a hypothetical judicial lienholder.

A Creditor Must Tell a Non-Bankruptcy Court to Stop Violating the Stay

A creditor must attempt to stop a state court from violating the stay, the Sixth Circuit BAP holds.