7th Circuit

Support Obligations for Grandchildren Are Ordinarily Dischargeable

Deficient drafting results in dismissal of dischargeability complaint.

Sale of Delinquent Tax Certificates Leads to Fraudulent Transfer, Seventh Circuit Says

Seventh Circuit upsets Illinois system for collecting delinquent real estate taxes

Homestead Owned by a Trust Can Be an Exempt Homestead in Illinois

Trust must be carefully drafted in Illinois to retain the entireties exemption.

Guardian’s Fees Not Discharged in Father’s Bankruptcy

Indiana judge parts company with other courts in helping out a guardian ad litem.

Seventh Circuit Reverses District Court Again, Lowering Standard for ‘Inquiry Notice’

Posner pens a gem warning banks about ignoring signs of fraud.

Another Lower Court Nixes an FDCPA Claim Based on a Time-Barred Debt

Chicago bankruptcy judge opines on how the circuit should rule on the FDCPA.

Seventh Circuit Lays Down an Easy Standard for Enjoining Suits Against Third Parties

Posner singlehandedly turns Chicago into a more desirable forum for large chapter 11s.