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8th Circuit

Non-Bankrupt Nonprofit Entities Are Not Subject to Substantive Consolidation

Eighth Circuit insulates parishes and church schools from substantive consolidation.

Bankruptcy Court Has Constitutional Power to Sanction, Eighth Circuit Rules

Bankruptcy courts have constitutional power to sanction for actions occurring during administration of a bankruptcy case.

Claims Under Section 544(b) Are Estate Property and Can Be Sold or Assigned, Judge Says

Courts are split on the status of inherited claims as estate property.

Eighth Circuit Broadly Draws the Line to Identify ‘Unknown’ Claims that Are Discharged

Eighth Circuit sides with the Third: ‘Reasonably ascertainable,’ not ‘reasonably foreseeable,’ determines which creditors are entitled to actual notice.

Third-Party Releases Are Permissible in Theory, Minneapolis Judge Says

Judge issues a tongue-lashing for a three-year reorganization that rewards lawyers but pays nothing so far to sexual abuse claimants.

Courts Can’t Sanction Debt Collectors for Filing Stale Claims after Midland Funding

The Code or rules must change to bar debt collectors from filing stale claims, Judge Dow says.

Eighth Circuit Broadly Interprets the FDCPA to Protect Consumers

The Eighth Circuit bars clever litigation tactics designed to evade the FDCPA on suits to collect time-barred claims.

No Contempt on Discharge Violation of Nondischargeable Debt, Circuit Says

Eighth Circuit says orders reducing nondischargeable claims may not be binding on the creditor.

Arbitration Ordered Although Creditor Filed a Proof of Claim

District court orders arbitration to avoid constitutional infirmities in bankruptcy court’s power to determine a claim against a creditor.

Monetary Sanctions Are Available to Remedy Violations of the Co-Debtor Stay

Section 105(a) was utilized because Section 1301 is silent on sanctions.