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8th Circuit

An Interest Not a Lien Under State Law May Be a Lien Under the Bankruptcy Code

Bankruptcy law definition of a ‘lien’ is broader than state law.

Debtor’s Consent Judgment Doesn’t Result in Automatically Allowed Claim

Clever strategy failed to limit a debtor’s personal liability.

BAP Gives Trustee a Heavy Burden to Prove Fraudulent Exemption Planning

Amendments in 2005 didn’t result in a cakewalk for a trustee aiming to reduce a homestead exemption.

Even Without a Mediation Privilege, Mediation Statement Is Protected from Discovery

Work product and opinion privileges protect mediation statement from discovery.

Substantive Consolidation with Non-Bankrupt Religious Institutions Barred by Section 303(a)

Substantive consolidation and involuntary bankruptcy are equivalent, district judge holds.

Is There a Lien on Entireties Property from a Judgment Against Only One Spouse?

Eighth Circuit undertakes an arcane analysis of a question with little practical consequence.

Two Circuits Tackle Rooker-Feldman in Opinions on the Same Day

Rooker-Feldman, Res Judicata and Issue Preclusion: nearly indistinguishable triplets separated at birth.

Section 303(a) Precludes Substantive Consolidation Among Religious Institutions

Pleading hierarchical control is insufficient for substantive consolidation.

Circuits Starkly Split on Filing Time-Barred Claims as Violations of the FDCPA

Eighth Circuit says bankruptcy adequately protects debtors from assertion of stale claims.

Disallowance of Nondischargeable Debt Does Not Bar Later Collection, B.A.P. Says

Eighth Circuit B.A.P. majority allows collection of disallowed priority claims.