9th Circuit

BAP Lays Down Pleading Rules for Fee Applications in Small Chapter 7 Cases

The fee application by an attorney for a chapter 7 trustee in a small case must state facts to show why the services must have been performed by an attorney, not by the trustee.

General Objection to Entry of Final Orders Won’t Preserve a ‘Stern’ Objection, BAP Says

Acquiescence in an appeal to a BAP waives any right to de novo review by an Article III judge.

A Refinanced Consumer Loan Might Not Be a ‘Consumer Debt,’ Ninth Circuit Says

Refinancing a consumer loan to obtain a lower interest rate might make an individual debtor eligible for chapter 7.

Ninth Circuit: State Law Can’t Require More than What Rule 3001 Requires for Claim Validity

Reversing the BAP, the Ninth Circuit (erroneously) holds that state law cannot demand more documentation for a proof of claim than Bankruptcy Rule 3001 requires for prima facie validity.

‘13’ Debtors May Bifurcate Mortgages that Mature Before the Final Plan Payment

The Ninth Circuit BAP says that a later valuation can make a debtor eligible for chapter 13 when the original schedules meant ineligibility.

A Dischargeability Complaint Filed Without Investigation Resulted in Sanctions

We focus on ethics two days in a row, given the recent disturbing events in Houston.

Judge Faris Explains Why a Hypothetical Chapter 7 Sale Isn’t Necessarily ‘FMV’

A chapter 7 trustee’s obligation to sell can mean that chapter 7 prices don’t fit the ordinary definition of fair market value.

State Law Lines Up with Federal Judicial Estoppel When Assets Aren’t Scheduled

Oregon Supreme Court allows substitution of a bankruptcy trustee as the real party in interest because denial would chiefly punish the debtor’s creditors.

Bankruptcy Courts Have Statutory Power to Remove Voided Liens

Bankruptcy Rule 7070, incorporating Federal Rule 70 along with 28 U.S.C. § 1655, gives bankruptcy courts power to remove liens of record when the lenders don’t do so voluntarily.

Chapter 7 Debtors Have No Appellate Standing to Challenge a Short Sale, Circuit Says

Ninth Circuit doesn’t allow debtors to appeal when a trustee sells their home out from underneath them in a short sale.