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As an Exempt Asset, a Dog’s Value Is Priceless, Judge Collins Says

Pet insurance and proceeds are exempt, even above the value of the pet.

Courts Split on Paying Chapter 13 Debtor’s Counsel if Conversion Precedes Confirmation

Arizona judge declines to expand Harris v. Viegelahn to cases when conversion precedes confirmation.

Debtor Must Turn Over a Portion of Accrued Vacation Pay to the Trustee, District Judge Holds

The value of prepaid family expenses belongs to the trustee, even without being a fraudulent transfer.

Debtor Left Homeless by Inability to Alter Her Homestead Exemption Claim

Arizona debtors are stuck with the homestead claimed on the filing date.

Courts Split on Per-Plan or Per-Debtor Acceptance for Cramdown Confirmation

Section 1111(b) election does not require a due-on-sale clause in a restructured mortgage.

Supreme Court Inadvertently Makes Life Difficult for Secured Creditors

Bullard gives bankruptcy judge more ammunition to stymie secured creditors.