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Portions of Rule 4004 Violate the Rules Enabling Act, Bankruptcy Judge Klein Says

Objection is not required to bar a discharge to an individual who received a chapter 7 discharge within eight years.

Judge Refuses to Vacate Opinion Socking a Bank with $40 Million in ‘Punies’

California judge won’t bar the debtor from settling for more than the original $6 million in compensatory damages while forsaking $40 million in punitive damages earmarked for public interest groups.

Judge Describes an ‘Important Tool’ to Deal with Incompetent Debtor’s Counsel

Judges uses Section 329(a) to vacate a contingency lien for more than the value of the lawyer’s services.

Obscure Provisions in Title 37 Bar Discharge of Unearned Reenlistment Bonuses

California judge counsels Ninth Circuit about procedures for enforcing discharge injunctions.

Student Loans Incurred for a New Profession Are Consumer Debts

Non-consumer debts must be related to an existing business or current job.