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D.C. Circuit

New Bankruptcy Rule 3007(b) Alters Applicability of Res Judicata

When objecting to claims, new Rule 3007(b) means debtors are not required to assert counterclaims that would be adversary proceedings.

Circuits Split, Judge Teel Earmarks Collateral Surcharges for All ‘Admin’ Creditors

Law v. Siegel didn’t insulate professionals from disgorging interim fee awards.

An Allowance of Compensation Is Not a Money Judgment, Judge Teel Holds

Decision shows why fee awards are difficult to collect after dismissal.

Circuit Demands that Prefiling Injunctions Be Clear and Precise

Constitutional principles create a loophole for frivolous litigation.

Standards Governing Judicial Estoppel Appeals Are Debated in the D.C. Circuit

Majority in D.C. Circuit are flexible on judicial estoppel summary judgment motions.