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Delaware Judge Allows Unsecured Claim for Contractual Attorneys’ Fees

Delaware district judge reads Supreme Court’s Travelers opinion as requiring the allowance of post-petition contractual claims for attorneys’ fees.

Triangular Setoff Barred (Again) in Delaware

A triangular setoff, valid under state law, is unenforceable in bankruptcy under Section 553(a).

Liquidators Conducting GOB Sales Are Not ‘Professionals’ Covered by Section 327

U.S. Trustee rebuffed in subjecting liquidators to retention as ‘professionals’ under Section 327.

District Court Finds Constitutional Power to Grant Releases in Confirmation Orders

Delaware district judge rules that the bankruptcy court has final adjudicatory power to include third-party releases in confirmation orders.

Delaware District Judge Upholds Horizontal ‘Gifting’ in a Chapter 11 Plan

Narrow reading of ‘equitable mootness’ in Tribune is limited to cases involving a dispute between two classes.

Delaware District Judge Defines ‘Unfair Discrimination’ in Cramdown

A $30 million haircut is not ‘unfair discrimination’ to preclude cramming down a plan.

Delaware’s Judge Sontchi Writes a Seminal Opinion on Sovereign Immunity

A bankruptcy court’s in rem jurisdiction overrides a claim of sovereign immunity.

Bankruptcy Code Preempts State Law Invalidating KERPs, Delaware Judge Says

A waiver in a KERP is enforceable even if it violates state labor law, Judge Carey rules.

Stern Held Inapplicable to Orders Denying Summary Judgment

Delaware district judge explains why Stern doesn’t confer the equivalent of an appeal from an interlocutory order.

New Jevic Settlement Fails, Making Supreme Court’s Reversal More Costly

Unlike Rodney Dangerfield, Jevic workers get respect when Delaware judge rejects a new settlement they dislike.