Paying Fees from Retainers Doesn’t Require Adequate Protection for Lenders

Judge Erik Kimball explains why retainers are free of lenders’ liens.

Bankruptcy Judge Reads Husky Narrowly on Dischargeability for Fraud

For nondischargeability under Section 523(a)(2)(A), a fraudulent transfer must give rise to the debt, not occur beforehand.

Baker Botts Read Narrowly on Compensation for Defending Fee Application

Florida judge allows fees for supplementing application with more detail.

Two-Year Delay in Confirmation Requires Holding Another Valuation Hearing

Passage of time converts a final order into an interlocutory order.

Validity of Inherited Homestead Exemption Decided by Allusion to Baseball

A house that wasn’t a homestead on the filing date held eligible for the exemption.

Florida Judge Extends a Trustee’s Statute of Limitations to 10 Years

Courts split on giving trustees the IRS’ 10-year statute of limitations for avoidance actions.

Ability to Pay Debts Does Not Control on Section 707(a) Motions to Dismiss

Evading payment of a debt is a valid use of chapter 7, Florida judge rules.

Qui Tam Suits Are Exceptions from the Automatic Stay

Automatic stay is no safe harbor from suits under the False Claims Act.

Courts Split on Whether Surrender Entails Waiver of Defenses to Foreclosure

Gutsy Judge Laurel Isicoff disagrees with district and bankruptcy judges in her district.

Surrendering Property Precludes a Debtor from Opposing Foreclosure

Florida judge closes loophole on a debtor’s duty to “perform his intention” regarding surrender.