District Judge Puts Limits on Policy Statement in Segal v. Rochelle

Continuing FLSA claims arising after filing are not subject to judicial estoppel.

Debtors Throw Away $36,500 and Their Discharges at the Same Time

Judge can’t save debtors from the consequences of their self-inflicted wounds.

Florida Bankruptcy Judge Splits with Seventh Circuit on Attorney/Client Privilege

Client questionnaires are held to be protected by the attorney/client privilege.

FDCPA Held Applicable to Violations of Discharge Injunction

Debtor-friendly FDCPA opinion gains traction beyond the Second Circuit.

Florida Judge Reads Eleventh Circuit Conservatively on Third-Party Releases

Plan insulating business owners flunks the test for third-party releases.

Florida District Court Again Overrides the FDCPA on Time-Barred Claims

Lower courts continue ignoring the Eleventh Circuit’s policy statement on the FDCPA.