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No Fees for a Chapter 13 Trustee in a Case Dismissed Before Confirmation

Trustees in chapter 12 fare better than chapter 13 trustees if a case is dismissed before confirmation.

Liquidation Value Required in a Chapter 12 Cramdown

Idaho judge seems to disagree with the Second Circuit’s ruling that a chapter 12 debtor can surrender less than all of the collateral to confirm a plan.

Discharge Revoked for Failure to Obey an Order Pending Appeal

To avoid having a discharge revoked, a debtor must either comply with the order or obtain a stay pending appeal.

‘Snarky’ or Factually Incorrect Emails Are Not Grounds for Rule 9011 Sanctions

Neither oral statements nor emails are sanctionable under Rule 9011, Judge Pappas says.

Split Brewing on Trustee’s Ability to Use the IRS’ Longer Statute of Limitations

Florida and Idaho Judges Disagree with Fifth Circuit and a New Mexico Judge.

District Judge May Have Split with Ninth Circuit BAP on Estate Property

Subprime loan and mortgage abuses generate interesting question worthy of a law school final exam.