Lawyers Can Violate FDCPA by Making Factually Inaccurate Allegations in Bankruptcy Pleadings

There is no litigation privilege in the FDCPA for inaccurate allegations in bankruptcy court.

District Judge Splits with Third Circuit on Recoupment and Social Security Overpayment

Social Security benefits were properly cut off to recover overpayment.

D’Oench Duhme Gives FDIC Broad Protection from Fraudulent Transfer Suits

Bank need not be a party to a secret agreement for D’Oench Duhme defense to apply.

State Consumer Protection Law Preempted by the Bankruptcy Code

Preemption easier to find than implied repeal, Chicago district judge says.

No Automatic Right to Appeal Bankruptcy Court Preliminary Injunctions

In one respect, bankruptcy judges have more authority than district judges.

Stern Objections Always Must Be Raised to Avoid Potential Malpractice

The lawyer who lost Wellness International may be facing malpractice liability.

Chicago Judge Splits with Ninth Circuit on Interest for Unsecured Claims in Surplus Plan

Default interest rate given to unsecured creditors in full-payment chapter 11 plan.

Rule 9(b) Fraud Pleading Standards Don’t Apply to an FDCPA Complaint

Willfulness is not required by the FDCPA when pleading an automatic stay violation.

Courts Split on Allowing Individual Debtors to Retain Wages on Conversion from 11 to 7

Chicago judge splits with Collier and Ninth Circuit BAP on wages following conversion.