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Boston Judge Suggests Procedures for Removing Uncertainty from Section 365(p)

Judge Hoffman’s analysis comports with the ABI Commission’s recommendations for improvements in lease assumptions by chapter 7 debtors under Section 365(p).

Different Rules Govern When Claims Accrue By or Against an Estate

Like physics, bankruptcy searches for a unified theory to explain claims by and against the estate.

Chapter 7 Trustee Is Paid in a Case Converted to Chapter 13

Courts split on allowing compensation to a chapter 7 trustee when the case is converted to chapter 13 before distributions were made.

Penalty for Early Withdrawal from a Retirement Account Is Not a Priority Tax Claim

Two Boston judges agree: The 10% penalty for early withdrawals from a retirement account doesn’t have priority under Section 508(a)(8).

Expense Reimbursements Are Included in Calculating Current Monthly Income

Income is included in calculating CMI, even if it’s not ‘stable and regular.’

Filing Date Controls Whether Residential Mortgages Can Be Modified

Courts are split on two issues regarding the antimodification provisions in Sections 1123(b)(5) and 1322(b)(2).

Boston Judge Allows Conversion to Chapter 13 Just to Prevent the Sale of a Home

Converting to chapter 13 to prevent the sale of a home in chapter 7 is not bad faith.

Massachusetts Judge Limits Chapter 13 Debtor’s Standing to Sue

Chapter 11 committees achieve standing more readily than chapter 13 debtors.

‘Bar Order’ Precluding Creditors’ Independent Claims Disapproved in Chapter 7 Settlement

Massachusetts judge explores the circuit split on barring creditors’ direct claims against non-bankrupt third parties.