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Michigan Eastern District

Terminating a Lease for Default Doesn’t Invoke the § 362(b)(10) Stay Exception

Lower courts are split on whether terminating a nonresidential lease for default means there is no automatic stay.

A Bogus Claim May Beat Summary Judgment, but It Won’t Reach a Jury

A defense that fails the ‘laugh test’ still beats a summary judgment motion, district judge says.

Sovereign Immunity Fully Insulates a Tribe from Lawsuits

Sovereign immunity protects a tribe even after successful veil piercing.

BAPCPA Limits Remedies Against Debtors Who Don’t Reaffirm or Surrender

‘Stay and pay’ may not be permissible, but the remedies can be toothless.

“Substantial Contribution” Claim Allowed in Chapter 13

Split grows on whether ‘substantial contribution’ claims are limited to chapters 9 and 11.

Plan Modifications Are Timely if Motion Is Filed Before Last Chapter 13 Plan Payment

Date of filing, not date of hearing, is pivotal on timeliness of chapter 13 plan modifications.

Narrow Ipso Facto Clauses Can Be Unenforceable

Code provisions voiding ipso facto clauses are interpreted broadly.

Dubious Opinion Says Automatic Stay Inapplicable to Setoff Against Exempt Property

District judge refuses to give automatic stay protection to a tax evader.

Judge Finds Several Reasons to Relieve Debtor of Counsel’s Mistake

If a chapter 13 plan was mistakenly five years, no cause is required to shorten it to three years.

Paying for a Car in Full and Having Exclusive Possession Don’t Result in Ownership

Strict adherence to Michigan law required for ownership of an automobile.