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Chrysler Wrongful Death Suits Barred in Alabama While Permitted Elsewhere

An Alabama statute designed to aid wrongful death claimants ends up hurting them in Chrysler’s bankruptcy.

U.S. Judge Willing to Split with the U.K. over Chapter 15 Foreign Recognition

Judge Glenn criticizes an 1890 English decision refusing to enforce a foreign discharge of debt.

‘Innocent’ Transferee Held Potentially Liable for Payment from a Ponzi Scheme

With partial success, trustee sues the casino where a fraudster gambled away stolen money.

New York and Delaware Agree: Releases Are Constitutionally Ok in Confirmation Orders

Chief District Judge in New York rules that ‘core’ jurisdiction includes non-consensual, third-party releases in confirmation orders.

District Judge Rules Section 562 Does Not Apply to Terminations by Agreement

Section 562 applies to fix the date for calculating damages only if the debtor rejects or the creditor terminates, New York district judge says.

Section 363(m) Won’t Protect a Buyer with Detailed Knowledge of an Adverse Claim

A bankruptcy judge’s finding regarding status as a good faith purchaser is not the final word on appeal.

Class Settlements After Confirmation Require Rule 23 Class Certification

Judge Glenn in Manhattan straightens up some of the mess created when GM didn’t disclose ignition switch defects before confirmation.

Bankruptcy Court Still Has Jurisdiction Seven Years After Confirmation

Venue in the bankruptcy court is ok for suits brought under a liquidating plan.

New York Judge Rails Against the Use of ‘Appearance Counsel’

Multiple ethical violations may occur with the use of so-called appearance counsel in consumer bankruptcies.

Tax Foreclosure in New York Can Be a Fraudulent Transfer, District Judge Says

The Supreme Court’s BFP opinion on mortgage foreclosures held not applicable to tax foreclosures in New York.