Functionally Illiterate, Disabled Debtor Succeeds in Discharging Student Loans

Why must the system require a trial to discharge student loans by a debtor in hopeless circumstances?

Trustees Don’t Get a Second Bite at the Abandonment Apple

The debtor, not the trustee, can profit from a secured creditor’s mistakes.

Claim Deadline Also Applies to Secured Creditors in Chapter 13, Judge Holds

Although not required to file claims, secured creditors must comply with the deadline if they do.

‘Core’ Jurisdiction Exists over Claim Allowance Even in ‘No Asset’ Cases

Bankruptcy court can make a final order disallowing an unfiled claim under state law.

Courts Divided on Contempt Sanctions as Automatically Nondischargeable

Showing intentional violation of court order isn’t enough for nondischargeability.

Improperly Taking $297.72 Results in $250,000 in Punitive Damages for Stay Violation

Creditor’s unrepentant attitude escalates punitive damages from $33,700 to $250,000.

Once Property Is Abandoned, Proceeds Belong to Debtor

Judge bends over backward so debtor can keep an $80,000 windfall.