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Puerto Rico

No Quick Exit for Any Creditors from Puerto Rico’s Financial Mess, Judge Says

Judge refuses to issue declaratory judgments about Puerto Rico’s use of tax revenues.

PROMESA Didn’t Enjoin Damages Suit Against Puerto Rico Government Official

Courts are reluctant to employ PROMESA as a shield against suits involving government administration.

Boston Judge Identifies a Potential Constitutional Infirmity in PROMESA

The automatic stay as applied might sometimes deny constitutional equal protection, judge says.

Automatic Stay Does Not Enjoin Criminal Habeas Petitions

Puerto Rico unsuccessfully sought to suspend habeas corpus under PROMESA.

Circuits Split on Enjoining the IRS from Pursuing Corporate Officer to Collect Taxes

Puerto Rico judge sides with the Third Circuit by upholding the Anti-Injunction Act in bankruptcy cases.

Suit for Injunction Held Not to Violate PROMESA, Puerto Rico’s Workout Statute

Automatic stay not violated without an attempt to collect a claim, Puerto Rico Judge holds.

Puerto Rico Beats Back Another Attack by Holders of Defaulted Bonds

Judge in Puerto Rico is forcing holders of defaulted bonds to negotiate, not litigate.

PROMESA’s and Bankruptcy Code’s Automatic Stay Are Similar, Not Identical

Temporary diversion of collateral doesn’t require ‘adequate protection,’ Puerto Rico Judge says.

Bondholders’ Lawsuit Enjoined by the Automatic Stay in PROMESA

Puerto Rico judge rejects constitutional attack on portions of PROMESA.

Puerto Rico Enjoined from Collecting an Unconstitutional Corporate Tax

District Court trims Puerto Rico’s tax revenue by ruling in favor of Wal-Mart.