ASARCO Read to Bar Fee-Defense Costs Even with a Fee-Shifting Agreement

Court shows antipathy to all theories seeking allowance of fees incurred in collecting fees.

Exempt Assets Aren’t Always Exempt in Chapter 13

Courts are split on including some exempt assets into the calculation of disposable income.

Cryptic Disclosure of Fee Sharing Is Inadequate, Judge Houser Holds

Terms of fee sharing must be disclosed in the retention application, not just in an exhibit.

Diligence by Itself Won’t Justify Invocation of Equitable Tolling

Houston judge doesn’t excuse delay in identifying John Doe defendants.

Lump-Sum Child Support Claim Disallowed when Debtor Was Current

‘Relationship test’ bolsters Texas judge in disallowing claim for child support.

For Chapter 13 Eligibility, Lease Claims Aren’t Capped

Large judgment for future rent made debtors ineligible for chapter 13.

Courts Split on Bankruptcy Judge’s Ability to Invoke ‘Innocent Spouse’ Doctrine

After waiting six months, bankruptcy court may rule on a debtor’s ‘innocent spouse’ claim.

Stern Doesn’t Limit Bankruptcy Court in Liquidating a Nondischargeable Debt

Decisions by Circuit Judge Posner and Houston’s Judge Isgur don’t line up.

Debtor May Not Benefit from His Own Fraudulent Transfer

Exemption cannot be claimed in a home recovered as a fraudulent transfer.