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Important Tenth Circuit Concurring Opinion Expounds on ‘Prudential’ Standing

A creditor’s factual allegations in bankruptcy court must be taken as true on appeal to establish ‘prudential standing.’

Tenth Circuit Imports Section 363(m) to Nonbankruptcy Appeals

Tenth Circuit avoids deciding whether equitable mootness applies outside of bankruptcy.

A Pending Sale Contract Doesn’t Obliterate a Homestead Exemption in Chapter 7

New York court delves into issues covered by the Fifth Circuit in Hawk and DeBerry.

Sixth Circuit Enforces a ‘Carveout’ for Professionals after Conversion to Chapter 7

The appeals court barred the secured lenders from renegotiating a carveout when a chapter 11 reorganization failed.

Eleventh Circuit Allows Termination of Retiree Benefits in a Chapter 11 Liquidation

Operations must continue for a debtor to invoke Section 1114 in a chapter 11 liquidation, Eleventh Circuit says.